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November 26, 2023

 Hey Gary, I have a 2021 GasGas MC450F. Since I'm gripping with my knees & the inner part of my boots, the graphics making contact my boots on the side panels peel off, then the remaining glue on the side panels sticks to the inner part of the boot & it makes a mess. I've seen this transparent grip sticker on both sides of your Husky. It seems you've cut it to somewhat match the the side panels. I'd like to know where can I get it so when I install the graphics, I can put this on top of it to see if I can avoid the glue issue. Let me know,

October 04, 2023
• Edited (Oct 08, 2023)

Hey Gary,

Wonder if you have ridden the new Stark Varg electric mx bike yet or any other electric dirt bikes like the older KTM ebike and your thoughts? By thoughts I mean your take on the electric platform for mx and if you have ridden does it compare to current 4 and 2 strokes. Thanks! Tom

September 26, 2023

Curious..when Luke slid out of that dry seemed he was sitting pretty far back..would sitting more forward possibly prevented that ?

September 28, 2023

Hi Gary,

Did you ever sprain your wrist? How long did it take to heal..any tips? I sprained it during a very slow fall..throttle hand..bought some mobius wrist braces..worked great..but then really sprained it more by lifting the bike lol. Tried riding but hurts in any I guess just give it time now..frustrating because the weather is nice in CT now! Also bought that book you posted about ..the practice of groundedness..really good! Ty

July 25, 2023

Hey group, I am having a hard time with my front wheel climbing out of ruts toward the exit of turns. I’m fine about 1/2 way thru the turn then when I’m on the gas coming out I often climb out of the rut. I’m working on using the front brake. Would raising my forks help also? Thanks

June 22, 2023
• Edited (Jun 22, 2023)

Hey all. I’m riding a 2022 fc350. When I am in the middle of a slow tight corner I keep stalling the bike. Any advice?should I raise the idle speed? Im new to this bike, last bike was a 2004 crf450r and I did not have the same issue on that or any other bike before. Getting back into riding aft 17 year hiatus.



February 26, 2023


Can you recommend one of your videos for "landing on the throttle"?  I know that I have to have my weight over the front of the bike to counteract the acceleration G forces of landing off a jump WFO.  I think my issue is being hesitant when accelerating off bigger jumps (3rd gear wide, or 4th etc) to lean into the takeoff for fear of going nose down in the air and over the bars when I land.  SO, when I land on the throttle I have to quickly let off because the front end comes up and if I stay on it I'll loop out. 

Also, I tend to jump nose up when taking off in a taller gear at low RPM.   Any tips? 

Thanks for all the content!

Sam H


April 15, 2023

Hey Gary, I was wondering how to access the PDF Files for the Training Manuals? Also, will the Audio CDs be added to the new Streaming platform? 

January 18, 2023
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