Thomas Osika

Oct 19 at 06:38 PM

Very interesting video with Travis Pastrano reviewing. Seems there is nothing this bike can't do compared to either 2 or 4 strokes.  Anyway I found it interesting and maybe it is the future of MX?!


Oct 04 at 10:16 AM

Hey Gary,

Wonder if you have ridden the new Stark Varg electric mx bike yet or any other electric dirt bikes like the older KTM ebike and your thoughts? By thoughts I mean your take on the electric platform for mx and if you have ridden does it compare to current 4 and 2 strokes. Thanks! Tom

Replied on Sprained wrist

Sep 29 at 10:58 AM

Thanks Gary! Feels like it may take a few months..



Sep 28 at 12:55 PM

Hi Gary,

Did you ever sprain your wrist? How long did it take to heal..any tips? I sprained it during a very slow fall..throttle hand..bought some mobius wrist braces..worked great..but then really sprained it more by lifting the bike lol. Tried riding but hurts in any I guess just give it time now..frustrating because the weather is nice in CT now! Also bought that book you posted about ..the practice of groundedness..really good! Ty


Sep 26 at 11:06 AM

Curious..when Luke slid out of that dry seemed he was sitting pretty far back..would sitting more forward possibly prevented that ?

Sep 26 at 09:18 AM

When Luke slides out..would it have helped or perhaps prevented the slide out if he was more forward on the seat?