September 25, 2023

Hi Gary:

Have you ever had someone you're trying to teach certain MX technique, who has no problem understanding it, but still not able to perform it even if he's conscious of his mistake & no matter how slow he tries it?. That's me, I mean I've been doing the stationery drills for quite a few days & go to the track to practice them going through the motions slowly, but I can't seem to make any progress. I mean, I break to early, can't carry breaking all the way to the transition in the turn, shifting down, etc., etc. Even though it is pretty clear in your videos I can't seem to be able to do the mechanics.

-What drill can I do to delay braking?

-I also can't go into the corner braking locking the knee to the tank while keeping the toes pressing the rear brake (no clutch) while down shifting, leaning the bike, body positions, etc. How can I practice this to get started.

Let me know,