Motocross Skills for Vets

Learn from Gary’s 40+ years of racing, training and coaching with these easy to understand and apply cornering techniques and practice strategies. They will help you immensely to have more speed and control through the flat and bermed (rutted) corners. You WILL be rewarded with the results you’re looking for!! Subjects covered: 1. The 3 key parts of a corner: Braking, Transition, Clutch and Throttle. 2. Body positions and movements relating to corners. 3. Clutch, throttle and shifting control. 4. What gear to be in. 5. Flat and Bermed (rutted) corners. 6. The Strategies and methods of corner practice. These techniques and practice strategies aren’t just techniques that most expert riders could teach. They have been developed and proven over decades of pro racing and teaching experience! For many years Gary’s 40 hour work week has been teaching motocross. They will take your mx riding experiences to a whole new level! Don’t be tight and stiff through the corners. When you have control, you will flow like a pro!

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