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VO3 Video #8 Motocross Absorbing, Scrubbing and Whipping Techniques.

Length: 0:39:17

Awesome jumping techniques can be a part of your riding style too if you watch and learn VO3 video #8. Now a days most good motocross riders always have at least a hint of the Scrub or Whip in just about every jump they take. VIdeo #8 delivers the information for mastering the Absorbing, Scrubbing and Whipping Techniques. You’ll learn through slow motion and stop action while I explain the correct techniques. Now it’s your turn to start doing some awesome jumps without taking unnecessary chances. Learn how in this Absorbing, Scrubbing, Whipping video and look Awesome!!

All the methods and strategies in this 8th video I have learned from racing teaching motocross for 40+ years and from working with and training Pro Riders during this time. These awesome jumping techniques can be a part of your riding style too if you watch and learn video #8. Learn to jump in control just like the Pros.

Chapters: 1. All about Absorbing. 2. All about Scrubbing. 3. All about Whipping. 4. Learning to Absorb. 5. Learning to Scrub. 6. Learning to Whip. 7. How to control jumping in a crosswind.

I have trained many top pro riders including: McGrath, Windham, Villopoto, Lusk, Dowd . . . and these are the same techniques they use. All the riders I have trained combined have won 26 AMA Pro Nationals and Supercross Championships. So I feel I can safely promise you that when you learn and apply the methods in this video Your Jumping Skills Will Improve Big Time!!!

Read What Ryan Villopoto has to say:

I’m very excited about training with Gary; I think his training and workout programs have a great deal to offer. When I first met Gary he pointed out the simplest things about my bike set up, once we made those changes there was a huge difference in my riding. He also has helped me with the positive mental thinking side of riding. That has helped enormously! I think my future will no doubt include Gary Semics, I think who else would I have train me other than the man that trained McGrath! Ryan Villopoto.

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