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Breaking in and adjusting a new 4 Stroke.

Length: 0:44:17

From crate to motocross track. Gary takes you through his methods and strategies for setting up, breaking in, his discoveries during the break in periods, and more adjustments before it's ready to race. Gary also explains why he chose the Husqvarna brand. Subjects... - 5 things Gary didn't know about the 2018 FC250 Husqvarna. - Adjusting the shock spring. - Setting the air pressure in the front forks. - Checking the engine oil level. - Chain adjustment, 3 pro secrets. - Front and rear brake adjustments, critical throttle housing and tube adjustment. - Handlebars and levers. - Quickest way to check spokes. - How to get 4 x the Air Filter life before it needs cleaned.

A new 4 Stroke is a big investment, so make sure you'll get the most engine life possible!

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