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1 Day MX Group Class - part 2 of 3 (revised).

Length: 0:26:50

This video was updated in April of 2019, with added footage from ClubMX and The Devils Ridge MX NC State Championships. This added video shows the correct ways to do the techniques Gary is teaching to the class. The school footage was filmed in July, 2018, during a six-hour, one day group class at his home track in Lisbon OH. This part 2 of 3 continues to work with cornering techniques. Remember, these eight riders are still learning the proper techniques. They are also told to slow down, so they can focus on the new techniques and do them correctly. The important “3 Step Rear Braking Techniques” are worked in the stationary positions and in action practice drills. Also, worked on the critical transition, that happens in every corner.

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